Project Description

Spaghetti sauce bottle with spaghetti in measurement compartment

Can a shape communicate?

The Bottle Besigner believes it can. People embrace convenience and a self-explanatory shape is easier to understand than searching for the small letters somewhere on the label.

Not only appreciated by the elderly!

Two spaghetti sauce bottles with measurement tool - one full and one empty
3D prints of spaghetti sauce bottle with built-in tool to measure spaghetti

3D print model for consumer tests

A picture is worth more than 1000 words. A 3D shape even more. Holding, emtying, measuring, all can be tested thoroughly with a close to reality 3D printed model. Consumers validated the design as relevant, surprising and easier in use.


What clients say about The Bottle Designer

For a number of years now, Marc designs successful bottle ranges for hd packaging. He has a creative spirit capable of making distinctive bottle designs. His designs merge the needs of the end user with the specifications of the client and bottle manufacturers. Marc’s expertise helps us built our reputation as supplier of appealing custom made bottle designs. It’s a pleasure and inspiring to work with him.
Frank de Hoogh, owner and managing director of hd packaging/


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